11 April 2010

The 15th Massachusetts

The 15th Massachusetts Infantry was part of the First Brigade, 2nd Division, 2nd Corps at Gettysburg. They were under the command of Colonel George Hull Ward.

Taking up position on July 2 on the northern end of Cemetery Ridge to the left of the 11th Corps, near the Copse of trees. At 6pm they along with the 82nd New York were ordered forward to the Emmitsburg Road north of the Codori House. This being an exposed position Col Ward ordered the men to take down fences and build a breast work. They were hit by the three Regiments and a Battalion of Georgians commanded by Brigadier General Ambrose "Rans" Wright. The men had to fall back from this exposed position after taking heavy fire.

The commander of the 15th Colonel George Hull Ward. He was born 26 Apr 1826 in Worcester MA the son of Artemas and Sarah Ward. He worked before the war as a machinist and received some military experience as part of the Worcester City Guards in 1847. Ward was wounded at Ball's Bluff 20 Oct 1861 and lost his left leg, he returned to duty with an artificial leg in Feb 1863. Ward was mortally wounded during the fight on July 2nd, his men carried him from field.

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